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Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry

A Pediatric dentist or Pedodontist is a dentist who has undergone extensive training to meet all the needs related to your child’s oral health from birth through adolescence, just as a pediatrician is trained to meet your child’s medical needs. Every child needs an interaction based on his/her age. During the growth phase of the […]


The orthodontic team at Denté specializes in correcting misaligned teeth and jaws and providing patient-centered treatment for the balanced bite and beautiful smile. Multiple solutions are available, including growth modification, clear and invisible braces, surgical orthodontics and clear aligners. Feel confident every time you smile with the straight, healthy teeth provided by orthodontic treatment no […]

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry has truly life-changing benefits. Our experienced aesthetic dentists see the changes in the lives of our patients everyday, and we are passionate about the positive impact that is possible with a great smile. Using advanced technology and techniques we do the following: Create the smile you want with long-lasting dental materials and outstanding […]


Looking for best root canal treatment in south Delhi! Endodontics (also known as root canal treatment) is needed when the dental pulp inside the tooth becomes inflamed or infected This is often caused by tooth decay and is unlikely to go away on its own. This infection is likely to spread to other teeth and […]

Dental Implants

The fear of losing our teeth is something many of us experience. Today however, tooth loss does not have to be a permanent problem. Our dental implant system provides a safe and reliable method for replacing teeth, whether you have lost one, several or all of them. Your new teeth look and feel natural, and […]

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are used: To restore badly broken teeth. To restore teeth that have been heavily filled and become weak. To reshape, an uneven or unsightly tooth to match your surrounding teeth. To restore brightness to discolored teeth. To protect a root treated tooth. To replace an old crown that no longer fits very […]

Oral Surgery

Oral surgical procedures focus on the treatment of various diseases, injuries, disorders and defects in the region of head, neck and face, including jaws, hard and soft tissues of the mouth. The majority of patients need oral surgery due to impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to develop in the […]


Periodontitis (also known as gum disease) is a serious disease. Apart from the obvious pain and distress it can cause to patients, it is also increasingly being linked to heart disease, premature birth and diabetes. Long-standing inflammation of the gums (also known as ‘gingivitis’) can turn into gum disease. Gingivitis is when the gums around […]

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