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Dente: Complete Dental Solutions with Aesthetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile carries the strength to bring you a new life and start your day with the positivity to face all the challenges happily. But this smile can be maintained only when you take good care of it. To help you in taking care of your smile, your doctors are here for you at Dente: a dental clinic in south Delhi. So, choose Dente for a healthy and long lasting smile.

We welcome you to Dente: an arena where we focus on maintaining your smile lifelong. Under the supervision of Dr. Anashwar Bhalla and Dr. Subhima Bhalla, you will get world-class oral treatment as well. Here, we will discuss your problems and provide you with the best possible treatments. We are an ideal choice for maintaining the oral health of the whole family as we have a huge and hard-working team who are specialised in handling all kinds of oral and gum related diseases. Often, we not only treat your pimping gums but also focus on shaping up your smiles. We have multidisciplinary dental advisors to provide complete dental solution to all age groups. We have organised management to treat orthodontics and paediatric cases. Under our other specialties, one is, to treat your oral problems with the perfect blend of traditional and modern dental therapy. We are lashed with all the sets of modern dental treatment equipment and methodologies.

Many of us are not acquainted with the different oral services and their names. So, here we will help you to solve this mystery by describing to you the often oral problems with their names. 

Under our services, we provide:-


1). Paediatric And Preventive Dentistry:- A branch of dentistry that treats the dental problems of children from their birth to adolescence. Significant signs and symptoms can be noticed after the presence of the first tooth or the first birthday of the child, that’s when the first dental check up is recommended.We strongly believe in a conservative approach as a treatment choice for our little patients and short appointments along with the proper diet counseling sessions with parents if required. We make sure that the child has fun as well as a learning experience at Dente without any discomfort or fear and gets rid of any kind of pain and dental trauma if present.

2). Orthodontics Dentistry:- Dental Problems where mal-positioned teeth and jaws, misaligned bite problems and their diagnosis, prevention, management, and correction are addressed and in some cases modification of facial growth is required, which is known as dentofacial orthopedics. We help you to be confident enough by sprucing up your facial expressions and proper orthodontic dental treatments. 


3). Aesthetics Dentistry:- It deals with cosmetic dental treatment to improve your facial appearance by correcting the colour, position, shape, size, and overall alignment of teeth. Dente is a cosmetic and general dental care solution to cope with all your dental problems.


4). Endodontics Dentistry:-  It includes various procedures related to your dental pulp like a root canal due to excruciating pain in your teeth, swelling in the gum area, or sensitivity to hot and cold. 


5). Prosthodontics:- Also known as Prosthetic Dentistry, is the area of dentistry that focuses on Dental prostheses. I.e replacement of lost or decayed teeth to maintain proper oral function, comfort, appearance and health of the individual. At Dente, we provide treatment through modern technology by expert prosthodontists. It includes various procedures like an implant, crown, bridge and other maxillofacial prostheses as well.


6). Oral Surgery:- Oral Surgery includes the treatment of disease, injuries, and disorders of the jaws, neck, face, or hard and soft tissues of the mouth or the surgery due to the ill occurrence of the wisdom teeth. 


7).  Periodontics:- Diagnosis and treatment help to treat the supporting tissues known as the periodontium or periodontal ligament. Majorly noticed due to diabetes, use of narcotics ingredients, or not maintaining proper oral hygiene for a long period. It can be treated with several dental counseling, home remedies, precautions, medicines, and surgery in major cases.  Visit Dente for better results and recovery from dental injuries.  

We discussed the various dental problems by briefly describing them, their symptoms, and treatments for your better knowledge and ease to filter and diagnose your dental problems. Now, whenever you think of dental care and treatment, you don’t need to wander here and there but simply visit Dente, the best dental clinic in south Delhi. We are dedicatedly available at your service as we know the importance of a healthy smile. At Dente we strongly believe in a conservative approach and provide our patients with proper solutions for their oral health as well as appropriate and easy tips to treat minor oral problems that will save you to face the major ones, a stitch in time saves nine. So, stay connected with us and keep reading our blogs to get the free expert tips for healthy and strong teeth. Meanwhile, we would like to ask you to keep yourself aloof from the experiments as they can permanently harm your oral cavity and lead you towards permanent major problems.

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