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Denté is latin for tooth. And at Denté, we take care of your teeth, from infancy to adolescence so that you have strong and sparkling teeth throughout your life. We make your smile unique and beautiful and boost your confidence.

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At Denté, we are passionate about providing friendly, caring dentistry and general, cosmetic and specialised dental treatments of the highest standard.

By bringing in-house Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics along with General Dentistry services, we at Dente truly believe in offering comprehensive dentistry for the whole family.

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Best Dental clinic in , Delhi

If you’re here looking for the Best Dental Clinic near , Delhi then, congratulations you have come to the right place. Dente Clinic is one of the most professional and sought-after clinics near , Delhi. Thanks to the professionalism of Dr Subhima Bhalla, and Dr Anashwar Bhalla, all our clients have loved their dental treatment here at Dente Clinic.

Dente Clinic provides all types of dental treatments and they are:

Best dentists for children in , Delhi

Dental treatments with kids are fun here at Dente Clinic. We all know that children have a phobia for dentists and in that case children usually need a professional who can handle kids in a fun way. As our clients have reviewed us, we have a way with kids.

We handle them with care and make sure that they are comfortable before starting their procedure.

Invisible braces in , Delhi

Gone are the days for those visible, ugly, and clunky braces. Now your irregular teeth can be fixed using the invisible braces that you can get here at Dente Clinic near , Delhi.

Gain back your personality without being absurdly noticed.

Consult our orthodontist, Dr Devanshi Anand and take a step forward to a brighter and perfect smile.

Teeth Whitening in , Delhi

The hesitation to smile when you know your teeth are yellow-ish is surely annoying. While there are at-home DIY treatments, but at times when they don’t work the disappointment hits right along.

So to save you from the embarrassment of yellow teeth and the disappointment that comes with the possible failure of DIY treatments (DIY treatments might not work in short run, however, with time they may produce results), Dente offers Teeth Whitening services near , Delhi.

Now gain that bright white smile and free yourself from embarrassment.

Root Canal treatment in , Delhi

Whether you have an excruciating pain in the tooth, a pain radiating from teeth towards the jaw, ears, or temples, foul breath along with a sensitivity to hot and cold then you need to consult a Endodontist.

And at Dente Clinic, Dr Prateek Jain is here to professionally diagnose your situation and give you the best root canal treatment in , Delhi

Dental Implants in , Delhi

If you have lost or decayed one or more of your teeth then to restore that beautiful smile you need Dental Implants. Dente clinic has been practicing Dental Implants for a long time now here at , Delhi. Which is why Dental Implant treatments here at Dente Clinc are a breeze. Your procedure is finished before you know it.

Along with Dental Implants. Dente clinic also provides crowns & bridges to reshape uneven and unsightly to match and align with the teeth surrounding it.

Treatments and oral surgeries for serious issues like infections and gum diseases are also treated with expertise and professionalism here at Dente Clinic in , Delhi.